Course: Software Project Management

University: Dept. of Applied Technology, Institute of Southern Punjab Multan, Pakistan

Course Code: CS-229

Credit Hours: 3+0

Prerequisites: Software Engineering

Recommended Text Book: Software Project Management, Bob Hughes, Mike Cotterell, Mc-Graw Hill Higher Education, 5th Edition 2009, (or Latest Edition)

Reference Books/Material: 

  1. Handouts
  2. “Rapid Development”, Steve McConnell (Chapter-3) [Lecture-2]
  3. “Information Technology Project Management”, Kathy Schwalbe (Chapter-1,2,11) [Lecture-2]
  4. RFC Solutions Inc. – SOW Writing Guide [Lecture-3]
  5. Software Estimation – A guide for practitioners [Lecture-5]
  6. Software Engineering 6th Edition by Sommerville (Chapter-23) [Lecture-5]
  7. Introduction to Operations Research 7th Edition by Hillier & Lieberman (Chapter-10) [Lecture_6+7]
  8. Rest the lecture resources will be provided to concerned CR/GR.

Marks Distribution: Mid Term – 25 Marks | Final Term – 50 Marks | Sessionals (Homework, Classwork, Labwork, Quizzes, Presentations, Project , Attendance) – 25 Marks | Total – 100 Marks

Topics Covered ( 16 Lectures Plan)
Lect.# Lecture Topics A/Q/P
01 Introduction to Project management, Software Crisis and Software Engineering
02 Classic Mistakes, Overview of Project Management, PMI Process Groups
03 Software Design Methodologies Selection for a Project, Software project Phases, Project charter, Statement of Work (SOW) Assignment-1.
04 Planning Phase: Development lifecycle models, matching lifecycles to projects, Project plans, UML
05 Work Breakdown Structures (WBS), Estimation of effort and cost (Expert Judgment, FP and Use Case point methods) Quiz-1.
06 Scheduling: Project network diagram fundamentals, CPM, PERT
07 Scheduling: Gantt charts, Critical chain scheduling, Using MS-Project, Assigning Resources, Resource leveling Assignment-2
08 Team models, Managing conflict and motivating, Configuration Management
09 Quality Assurance in Software Development, Project Monitoring and Control: Status reporting, Project metrics, EVM Quiz-2.
10 Integration Management
11 Software Testing and Quality Assurance
12 Organizational Support for Effective Project Management Assignment-3
13 Projects Tracking, Control and Close out
14 Human Factor and Leadership Quiz-3.
15 Organizational Resource Management
16 Documentation, Cutover/Migration, Post Project Reviews, Closing

Presentation: Presentations will be started after Mid Terminal Exam. Every student present their own ‘Final Year Project’ with following detailed points

  1. Existing System
  2. Proposed System + Scope of the Project
  3. Innovation
  4. Database Entity Relationship Diagram
  5. Full Project Demo (Design + Code)

I pray that Allah give you the strength and wisdom to learn.