Course: Operating Systems

Department: Department of Software Engineering
University: Lahore Garrison University, Lahore
Class & Section : BSSE-4 (A,C) Section
Course Code: CSC-351
Credit Hours: 4(3+1)

  • Data Structures and Algorithms 

Recommended Text Book:

  • Operating System Concepts by Abraham Silberschatz, Galvin, Gagne, 9th Edition

Reference Books/Material: 

  1. Handouts
  2. Modern Operating Systems (4th Edition): Andrew S. Tanenbaum
  3. Operating Systems: Internals and Design Principles, 9th Edition by William Stallings
  4. Understanding Operating Systems by A. McHoes (6th Edition)

Marks Distribution: Mid Term – 25% | Final Term – 50% | Sessionals (Quizzes, Assignments, Attendance and Class Participation) – 10% | Semester Research Project – 15% |  Total – 100%

Topics Covered (30 Lectures Plan)
Lect.# Lecture Topics A/Q/P
1-2 Introduction to Course  Grading Policy & OS Fundamentals Lecture-1-2
3-4 Operating System Services, System Calls, OS Design and Implementation Concerns Lecture-3-4
5-6 Processes Fundamentals, Management and IPC Lecture-5-6, Assignment-1
7-8 Threads, Multicore Programming and Multithreading Models Lecture-7-8, Video-7, Video-8
9-10 Process Synchronization Problems Lecture-9-10, Video-9, Video-10
11-12 Algorithm-1, Algorithm-2, Peterson Solution & Bakery Algorithm for CS Problem Lecture-11-12, R1, Video-11A, B, C, Video-12
13-14 CPU Scheduling (FCFS, SJF, SRTF) Lecture-13-14,Video-13A, B, C, 14A, B, C
15-16 CPU Scheduling (Priority Scheduling, Round Robin, Multilevel Queues, Multilevel Feedback Queues) Lecture-15-16, Video-15A, B, C, 16A, B, 14C
17-18 Lecture-17-18
19-20 Lecture-19-20
21-22 Lecture-21-22
23-24 Lecture-23-24
25-26 Lecture-25-26
27-28 Lecture-27-28
29-30 Lecture-29-30
31-32 Lecture-31-32

Rest the lecture resources will be provided to concerned CR/GR.

I pray that Allah give you the strength and wisdom to learn.