Course: Modern Programming Languages

University: Muhammad Nawaz Sharif University of Agriculture Multan

Course Code: CS-302

Credit Hours: 3(2+1)

Prerequisites: Introduction to Programming

Recommended Text Book:

  1. Concepts of Programming Languages by Robert W. Sebesta

Reference Books/Material: 

  1. Handouts

Marks Distribution: Mid Term – 12 Marks | Final Term – 24 Marks | Sessionals (Homework, Classwork, Labwork, Quizzes, Presentations, Project , Attendance) – 4 Marks | Practical+Viva – 20 Marks|  Total – 60 Marks

Topics Covered ( 45 Lectures Plan)
Lect.# Lecture Topics A/Q/P
01 Introduction to Course & Grading Policy Lecture-1
02 Detailed Introduction to Programming Languages Lecture-2
03 Language Evaluation Criterion Lecture-3,
04 Language Evaluation Criterion Continued Lecture-4
05 Language Evaluation Criterion Continued Lecture-5Assignment Top Sheet
06 VNA and Language Influences Lecture-6, Assignment-1
07 Assembly Language to ALGOL Lecture-7
08 ALGOL 86 to Prolog Lecture-8, Quiz-1
09 Ada to Software Engineering Lecture-9, Group Details & Semester Presentations
10 Snobol: Fundamentals Lecture-10
11 Snobol: Control Flow & Functions Lecture-11
12 Snobol: Input, Output & Keywords Lecture-12, Assignment-2
13 Snobol: Pattern Matching Lecture-13
14 Snobol: Pattern Matching & Arrays Lecture-14, Quiz-2
15 Ada Fundamentals Lecture-15
16 Ada Loops, Conditional Statement, Subprograms and Packages Lecture-16
17 Ada concurrent programming Lecture-17
18 LISP Fundamentals Lecture-18

Rest the lecture resources will be provided to concerned CR/GR.

Presentation: Presentations will be started after Mid Terminal Exam.

I pray that Allah give you the strength and wisdom to learn.