KOTLIN Programming Language for Android Development – Beginners Guide

October 17, 2018

In July 2011 JetBrains revealed Project Kotlin Programming language for android development. This is a new language for the JVM, which had been under development for a year. JetBrains lead Dmitry Jemerov said that most languages did not have the structures they were looking for, with the allowance of Scala. However, he quoted the slow compile time of Scala as an clear shortage. One of the stated goals of Kotlin is to compile as quickly as Java. In February 2012, JetBrains open sourced the project under the Apache 2 license.

kotlin programming language for android development

KOTLIN Programming Language for Android Development

The name comes from Kotlin Island, near St. Petersburg. Andrey Breslav mentioned that the team decided to name it after an island just like Java was named after the Indonesian island of Java. JetBrains hopes that the new language will drive IntelliJ IDEA sales.

  • Kotlin v1.0 was out on February 15, 2016. This is measured to be the first officially stable release and JetBrains has committed to long-term backwards compatibility starting with this version. At Google I/O 2017, Google announced first-class support for Kotlin on Android.
  • Kotlin v1.2 was released on November 28, 2017. Sharing Code between JVM and JavaScript platforms feature was newly added to this relief.

Development lead Andrey Breslav has said that Kotlin is designed to be an industrial-strength object-oriented language. Its a “better language” than Java, but still be fully interoperable with Java code, allowing companies to make a gradual migration from Java to Kotlin.

Features and Advantages of Kotlin:

Kotlin is free open source modern programming language. Some properties are given below.

1. Easy Language:

Kotlin is a functional language and very easy to learn.  The syntax is pretty much similar to Java; hence it is very easy to remember. Kotlin makes you more expressive which makes your code more readable and understandable easily.

2. Concise:

Kotlin is based on JVM and it is a handy language.  Thus, it decrease lots of boiler plate code used in other programming languages.

3. Runtime and Performance: 

Kotlin providing better performance and small runtime.

4. Interoperability:

Kotlin is settled enough to build an interoperable application in a less complex manner. We can make java code and Kotlin code twice and then merge them to make application.

5. Brand New:

Kotlin is a totally language that gives developers a new start. It is not a replacement of Java, though it is developed over JVM.  It is the first official android development language. Kotlin can be defined as Kotlin= JAVA +extra updated new features.

6. Language Scope:

Originally, in the year of 2011 as a revealed version Kotlin first seemed as a new language for Java Virtual Machine from a team of Saint-Peterburg programmers called Jet Brains. The reason they decided to arise with a new “spinning wheel” for Android development is rather easy to understand; seemingly, there are a few:

  • Java has been around for 22 years already (quite a term for a programming language), which is why there are tons of features that cannot be executed due to Java’s hugeness and oldness.
  • Java language is required long code combination to be written.
  • Code written on Java takes a time to compile and execute.

So, let’s start at the beginning.

Reasons to Use Kotlin:

1) Kotlin requires much lower code to write as compared to java.

2) Less affections occur on Kotlin.

Language Rank:

Kotlin ranked on no 38 according to TIOBE Index. TIOBE – The Software Quality Company TIOBE programming community index is a measure of popularity of programming languages, created and preserved by the TIOBE Company based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. TIOBE stands for “The Importance of Being Earnest” which is occupied from the name of a comedy play written by Oscar Wilde at the end of the nineteenth century.

Organizations that use Kotlin to Develop Applications:

1. CitrusBits:

Developers at CitrusBits lifted to Kotlin app development, and they loved it. Kotlin is not only a wish to write code in but also a desire to read. That is a treat, which will never be too sweet for anyone who has to read the code. And iOS app write using Kotlin because native supports full interoperability with Objective/C.

2. Steel Kiwi:

Steel kiwi is a Ukraine based web and mobile development company. Accompanied by using Java for Android development, they are using Kotlin also for android development.

  • Vehicle safety with GPS tracking solutions was constructed using Kotlin. If a GPS tracker is devoted to a vehicle, police can easily recover individuals or commercial vehicles in case of theft.

3. Adelpha Tech:

Adelpha Tech is a digital conversion firm based in Toronto, Canada. One of the services providing is the digital revolution which includes the digital strategy, mobile and web application development, Content Management Systems, SEO, SEM, UI/UX Design and Social Media Marketing.

Following are the android apps developed by them:

  1. Instasize
  2. Tutor Doctor App
  3. FixxBook App

4. RubyGarage:

RubyGarage is a top-of-the-line software development and referring company located in the Eastern Europe that builds practise web and mobile products for their clients.

Following are some of the apps developed by them:

  1. ArtDeco
  2. Pindify
  3. MoonAge
  4. SprinkleBit

5. Anadea:

Anadea is a Ukraine based custom software development company for web and mobile. Customers get exactly what they want by directly communicating with the engineers and controlling the project as if they were in the same room with the development team

Following are some of the mobile applications developed:

  1. AgentFolio
  2. Home Automation

Creating Kotlin Working Environment for Android Development

1. Install Intellij IDEA on windows:

  1. Download IntelliJ IDEA for your operating system. From the following link https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/download/
  1. Do the following depends on your OS:
  2. For Windows:
  3. Run the ideaIC.exe or the ideaIU.exe file you have downloaded.
  4. Follow the instruction on the installation layout.

2. Other IDE for Kotlin:

  1. Android studio.
  2. Sublime Text.

Getting start with Kotlin:


Kotlin is a programming language and has its own architecture to assign memory and produce a quality output to the end user.  here are the different set-ups where Kotlin compiler will work differently, whenever it is directing different other kind of languages such as Java and JavaScript. Kotlin compiler creates a byte code and that byte code can run on the JVM, which is exactly equal to the byte code produced by the Java .class file.  Whenever two byte coded file runs on the JVM, they can communicate with each other and this is how an interoperable feature is established in Kotlin for Java. Whenever Kotlin targets JavaScript, the Kotlin compiler converts the. kit file into ES5.1 and generates a compatible code for JavaScript.  Kotlin compiler is capable of generating platform basis compatible codes via LLVM.

Basic Datatypes in Kotlin

1. Numbers:

The representation of numbers in Kotlin is familiar to Java, however, Kotlin does not allow internal conversion of different data   types.  this table lists different variable lengths for different numbers.

In the following example, we will see how Kotlin works with different data types. Please

fun main (rags: Array<String>) {

val a: Int= 10000
val d: Double = 100.00
val f: Float = 100.00f
val l: Long = 1000000004
val s: Short = 10
val b: Byte = 1
println (“Your into Value is “+a);
println (“Your Double Value is “+d);
println (“Your Float Value is “+f);
println (“Your Long Value is “+l);
println (“Your Short Value is “+s);
println (“Your Byte Value is “+b);

2. Characters:

Kotlin represent s character using char. Character should be declared in a single quote like ‘c’. Please enter the following code in our coding ground and see how Kotlin interpret s the character variable.  Character variable cannot be declared like number variables.  Kotlin variable can be declared in two-way s –   one using “var” and another using “val”.

fun main (args: Array<String>)
val letter: Char
letter = ‘M’

3. Boolean:

Boolean is very simple like other programming language. We have only two values for Bolean, True  or false. In  the following  example,  we will  see how  Kotlin  interpret s Boolean.

fun main(args: Array<String>)
val  letter: Boolean // defining a variable
letter = false// Assigning a value to it
(“Your character value is “+“$letter)

4. Strings:

Strings are character arrays.  Like Java, they are immutable in nature. We have two kinds of string available in Kotlin. One is called raw String and another is called escaped String. fun main (args: Array<String>)
var raw : String =“I am Raw String!”
escaped : String =“I am escaped String! \n”


I will update remaining article very soon 🙂

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