Course: Computer Fundamentals

University: Dept. of Applied Technology, Institute of Southern Punjab Multan, Pakistan

Course Code: CS-501

Credit Hours: 4 (3+1)

Prerequisites: None

Recommended Text Book:

  1. Introduction to Computers 6th International Edition, Peter, N. McGraw-Hill
  2. Using Information Technology: A Practical Introduction to Computer & Communications, 6th Edition. Williams, S. McGraw-Hills.
  3. Computers, Communications & information: A user’s introduction, Sarah, E. Hutchinson. Stacey, C. Swayer.
  4. Fundamentals of Information Technology, Alexis L Mathewsleon Leon Press.

Reference Books/Manuals: 

  1. Discovering Computers by Shelly Cashman Series (2012 Edition)
  2. Lectures Material

Marks Distribution: Mid Term – 25 Marks | Final Term – 50 Marks | Sessionals (Homework, Classwork, Labwork, Quizzes, Presentations, Project , Attendance) – 25 Marks | Total – 100 Marks

Topics Covered ( 16 Lectures Plan)
Lect.# Lecture Topics A/Q/P
01 Introduction to Computers, Computing Devices, Basic machine organization, Von Neumann Architecture Assignment-1.
02 Computer History and Generations, Computer Evolution from First to Fifth Generation
03 Computer Hardware Components, CPU, Motherboard, Storage Devices, I/O Devices, Network Devices Quiz-1.
04 Boolean functions, switching algebra and logic gates
05 Problem Solving and Algorithms, flowchart and pseudo code Computer Programming and Programming Languages
06 Computer Software 1: Software Packages and Tools, Practicing MS Office Assignment-2.
07 Computer Software 2: Introduction to operating Systems, Single Machine Operating System Use and Management exercise
08 Digital Systems and their representation in Binary Numbers, Boolean Logic, Binary Number Systems, Complementary method of subtraction in Binary numbers. Quiz-2.
09 Introduction to Databases: Most Common Database Management Systems, Database Models and Database design and development Tools, e.g. Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server etc.
10 Computer Networks and Internet, Data Communication fundamentals, Computer Networks, LAN, WAN Internet, Network Topologies, Wired and Wireless Networks, network Interface card, ISO layers
11 Multilevel NAND/NOR/XOR circuits Assignment-3.
12 MSI Components design and use of encoders, decoders, multiplexers
13 BCD adders, and comparators Quiz-3.
14 Latches and flip-flops, Synchronous sequential circuit design and analysis
15 Registers, synchronous and asynchronous counters, and memories
16 Control Logic Design. Modern trends in memory

Presentation: Presentations will be started from 5th lecture. Every student present their own assigned topic individually.

  1. Maximum 20 Min for Presentation.
  2. Presentation must be in Slides Format.
  3. Slides must be neat, clean and readable.
  4. Show live demo of attached tool/software.

I pray that Allah give you the strength and wisdom to learn.