Course: Introduction to Computers

University: Dept. of Applied Technology, Institute of Southern Punjab Multan, Pakistan

Course Code: CS-201

Credit Hours: 4 (3+1)

Prerequisites: None

Recommended Text Book:

  1. Computers: Information Technology in Perspective, 9/e , Larry Long and Nancy Long, Prentice Hall, 2002/ ISBN:0130929891
  2. “An Invitation to Computer Science”, Schneider and Gersting, Brooks/Cole Thomson Learning, 2000

Reference Book/Manuals: 

  1. Discovering Computers by Shelly Cashman Series (2012 Edition)
  2. Lectures Material

Marks Distribution: Mid Term – 25 Marks | Final Term – 50 Marks | Sessionals (Homework, Classwork, Labwork, Quizzes, Presentations, Project , Attendance) – 25 Marks | Total – 100 Marks

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Topics Covered ( 16 Lectures Plan)
Lect.# Lecture Topics A/Q/P
01 Basic Definitions & Concepts Building Assignment: Exercise Problems Solving
02 Hardware: Computer Systems & Components. Storage Devices, Number Systems
03 Software: Operating Systems, Programming and Application Software Quiz 01.
04 Introduction to Programming, Databases and Information Systems
05 Introduction to Networks, Data Communication, The Internet, Browsers and Search Engines
06 The Internet: Email, Collaborative Computing and Social Networking
07 The Internet: E-Commerce
08 IT Security and other issues
09 Internet overview, Web Mail Application , WWW, FTP (Surfing, Usage and Functions)
10 Computer Security (Viruses and Its Types, Anti-Virus, Hacking, Cracking, Piracy)
11 Office Productivity Tools Introduction (Word Processors, Spread Sheets, Presentation application)
12 Practical Work (MS-Word)
13 Practical Work (MS-Excel)
14 Practical Work (MS-Excel)
15 Practical Work (MS-PowerPoint)
16 Legal, Social, Ethical and Professional Issues

Presentation: Presentations will be started from 5th lecture. Every Group present their own assigned topic.

  1. Maximum Group members will be 3.
  2. Maximum 30 Min for Presentation of 1 Group.
  3. Presentation must be in Slides Format
  4. Slides must be neat, clean and readable
  5. Show live demo of attached tool/software

I pray that Allah give you the strength and wisdom to learn.